MacGruber’s Gift Guide: Christmas Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of year–time to kick back, chug…sip rum & eggnog, and cozy up by the fire to all of the holiday classics.

Just when I was reaching for my third glass it hit me…

giphy (29)

There are only 8 days until Christmas!

It really snuck up on me this time…and once again I’m left to get crafty and MacGyver MacGruber my way through.

Here are some creative last minute gift ideas, straight from the heart.

You forgot about Mom eh? Not to worry…

mason jar salt

  1. Find any nonporous item with a lid, perhaps the empty tin of ginger snaps you demolished, or an empty bottle of pinot that your “guests” drank
  2. Use your container to measure and pour your epsom salt into a blender
  3. Add 2-5 drops of mom’s favourite essential oils from Goodness Me or your local health food store (peppermint is a festive option)
  4. Try adding a small dash of dried rosemary or lavender,  just don’t overdue it or your bathtub will look like a crime scene
  5. Blend for 5-10 seconds, keeping the texture coarse
  6. Pour mixture into your vessel
  7. Add a personalized little tag that reads ‘cause you THE (bath) BOMB.’

You forgot Grandpa?? Ugh… the worst…

giphy (36)

I think I can help…

Grab literally anything that could shelter a plant. And I mean literally anything…an empty Altoid tin,a teacup, salt & pepper shakers, a mason jar or even a wine glass (lord knows I’ve broken most of my set) and follow these simple steps.


  1. Layer the bottom with small stones, to create drainage
  2. Add soil
  3. Find one of your favourite houseplants
  4. Grab the neck of  your plant (where stem and soil meet, close to the root) and look for a small cluster of stems & roots to gently tear apart
  5. Transplant your small group of stems into the soil
  6. VOILA! Cue the Elton, you’ve just created the Circle of Life.  Gramps will be grinning like Old Saint Nick.

Happy Holidays!

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