How To: Throw An Epic New Years Eve Party

It’s either your favourite holiday or you avoid it like the plague. New Years Eve is approaching. While I understand it can be tempting to stay in after a chaotic holiday season, I for one think it’s important to pull yourself together, get out there and toast to the new year.

Whether you’re ready to forget 2015 all together or you feel on top of the world, a new year and a fresh start really are worth celebrating. You’ve got to set the bar for what’s to come, so pour yourself a cocktail, call your friends and start planning. You don’t really want to stay in and watch Ryan Seacrest’s New Years Rockin Eve with your laptop and a bag of doritos, right? I mean, MAYBE if it was Dick Clarke…

Time may be running out, but not to worry. If there’s one thing The Factory Girls are good at, it’s party planning. Spend the night getting loose in the comfort of your own home and avoid spending that hard earned cash on an overcrowded bar while worrying about how you will possibly flag down a cab after midnight.

Here are our pointers to help you plan an epic New Years Eve celebration.

Choose a Theme

Last year we channelled our inner J-laws and opted for an American Hustle theme. I’m talking big hair, lots of cleave and far too much faux fur (scratch that, there’s no such thing). It was both hilarious and entertaining to watch our friends commit to the role.



Whether it’s your favourite movie, decade, or genre of music, the list is endless. Choose something that will inspire your guests to go all out.

Have a Welcome Shot or Theme Cocktail


Set the tone for the night (i.e binge drinking) and warm your guests up by taking their coat and offering them a drink. Try a warm apple cider with spiced rum, a candy cane martini or a small shot of Baileys mixed with mint liqueur. This is my go-to move for getting the party started.

 Use Props

If it’s the best night of your life but there are no instagram photos to prove it, did it actually happen? Set up a photo wall with props and you will laugh until you cry. You didn’t go rooting through Value Village for that fur coat for no reason.


Commit to your theme for all aspects of the party. Our 70’s inspired food table included jello, cocktail wieners, devilled eggs and a cheese fondue, and we vibed to our favourite 70’s hits. It was far out.



This is a must. It’s a special night and a keg just isn’t going to cut it. Nothing says celebration more than the sound of poppin’ bottles.

If for some strange reason you are not hitting the sauce this year, we’ll forgive you. Opt for a flute of sparkling juice to keep it classy.

Oh you fancy


Don’t miss the main event!

Don’t forget to watch the clock. It’s always a little disappointing to discover that midnight has come and gone and you haven’t properly acquainted yourself with the new year. Having said that, it’s all about having a good time. If you aren’t starting January 1st  with a hangover, I think it’s safe to say you’ve done something wrong.

Cheers to 2016!

– Lauren Coholan




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