20 Signs You Were Raised in Hamilton and Are Proud Of It


It’s refreshing to see some pro-Hamilton posts circulating our news feeds lately, but do you ever notice they’re almost always written with a hint of shame or contempt?

She’ll reminisce that Hamilton is home to trendy restaurants, scenic trails, internationally acclaimed music and art, yet she’s quick to inform readers that she’s moved on from the grit pit to greener pastures in ‘The6’.

We’ve tried on other cities, including Toronto, but nothing fits quite like our factory made threads. Our first blog post is dedicated to our nostalgic love for this city and the reasons we keep coming back for more.

1. Gore Park doesn’t scare you.

giphy (3)

2. You would go chasing waterfalls, 137 to be exact.

giphy (2)

3. You’ve been clipped by a scooter covered in Beanie Babies. 

FullSizeRender (1)

4. You’ve ridden the Green Wave…aka caught a series of green lights as far west as Main & Longwood rocketing you to Kenilworth in under 5 minutes.

giphy (9)

5. If you grew up downtown, you’ve either worked at Jackson Square or the Men’s YMCA.

giphy (20)

6. If you grew up on the west mountain, you’ve hit first base at a bush party at the rez.

giphy (21)

7. If you grew up on the central mountain, you’ve purchased Jelly Sandals at the BiWay in Woolco Plaza.


8. If you grew up on the mountain, you thought you lived on an ACTUAL mountain.

giphy (5)

9. You’ve been tossed around by the Box J Boys after a Ticat touchdown.

box j boy

10. Your gym membership is at the Wentworth Stairs.

wentworth stairs

11.You’ve danced the Macarena at Roller Gardens…what a time to be alive.

giphy (4)

12. First Ontario Place & Tim Hortons Field will forever be ‘Copps’ & ‘Ivor Wynne’.


13. You’d scrap anyone in first year university who chirped Steel City.

giphy (10)

14. You’ve busted out the Harlem Shake with Dancing Man. 

dancing man

15. You’ve dialled every Campanelli in the phonebook hoping Rick the Temp would pick-up. 

rick the temp

16. Bar hopping Hess Village would always start with $3 shots here…


17. You’d take a medium double double over a venti mocha any day.

giphy (6)

18. You’ve happily drank in the lingering stench of Lakeport Brewery on Burlington Street.

giphy (11)

19. At least one of your family members has held a job at Stelco or Dofasco.

giphy (7)

20. You’ll always claim ownership of The Arkells, Martin Short and Eugene Levy.

giphy (22)

– The Factory Girls

2 thoughts on “20 Signs You Were Raised in Hamilton and Are Proud Of It

  1. Intesting memorebelia.,our Family immigrated to Hamilton from Holland in 1965,and we lived on the Mountain,on Concession st. I was 18 at the time,and was a little disappointed at this Canada, which I had read about, but did,nt meet my expectations ! However, I found ,,it,, 14 years later, in 1979, when for economical reasons I moved to Calgary !! I think everybody, at some time in their lives, should drive to the West coast, to truly appreciate this great place called Canada !! Peter van der Elzen , Osoyoos BC ( in the Mountains)

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  2. i’m a guy who currently lives on the side of a mountain in b.c.-i see ufo’s and a clan of bigfoot almost every night.it’s pretty spooky out here.that’s why i’m coming back to Hamilton-i miss the hell out of my city,my home.

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