I Dare You to Watch This Without Crying

There’s a community of 200+ drop-ins who gather weekly at Toronto’s Clinton’s Tavern to belt out their favourite tunes.

The songs on the bill are as eclectic as the crowd — artists from Phil Collins to Miley Cyrus are harmoniously covered by a mixed batch of 20 to 60 year-olds.

Having joined in on a session covering “Here Comes the Sun”, I can confirm it feels like jumping into a warm shower with a bunch of strangers (in a very delightful way.)

There’s no training or skill required. All you have to do is grab a pint, a lyric sheet, choose your preferred octave and follow the lead. Within two hours, the results are magical.

Last week, in the spirit of giving & caroling, creators of Choir!Choir!Choir! hosted an epic 600+ sing along to John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Their goal was to raise $30k to sponsor a Syrian family…and they’re now climbing to almost $40k!!

I’ve watched this video 85 times and can’t stop…truly beautiful. Here’s more info around donating to C!C!C! Sings for Syria 

Anyone up for orchestrating a Hamilton C!C!C!? Absinthe would make the perfect venue.

– Jeni

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